What Willy Wonka Taught Me Book

“Every student enrolled in your classroom has received a golden ticket. Each of them deserves the grand prize – a quality education and an effective teacher.” – Kewanta Brooks Book Description Imagine being the contestant of a new reality television show. You are given 35 students in a classroom built for 20. Half of them […]

2016 Yelp Grant Foundation Recipient

We Won the Grant We are excited to announce that Feed the Mind is a 2016 Yelp Foundation Grant Recipient.  Hooray!  We are very proud to be listed among esteemed non-profit organizations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  To see a complete list of winners click here. What is the Yelp Foundation and What is its […]

Manage Your Classroom Like a Rock Star

  Do you want to manage your classroom like a rock star? Of course you do! We cannot assume that children will arrive in our classrooms well behaved and ready to learn. Small behavior issues can waste valuable teaching time and even build into confrontations. Learn a research-based, time-tested classroom management program that encourages, empowers, […]

Receive One of Our Grants for Teachers

Rich in Passion…Poor In Pocket Educators enter into the classroom because they want to make a difference.  They do not do it to become wealthy. Everyday, teachers show up with a cup of coffee in their hands and a smile on their lips.  Teachers arrive early and stay late to ensure that their lessons are […]

Donate Today to Support Our Mission

By donating to Feed the Mind, Inc you make a profound difference to educators and the students they serve.  When you donate to our foundation you support our mission and vision. Our Mission Educate, Elevate, Equip, and Empower. Our Vision Provide high quality and highly effective professional development for teachers in PK-12 grade classrooms.  To plant […]