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“Every student enrolled in your classroom has received a golden ticket. Each of them deserves the grand prize – a quality education and an effective teacher.”

– Kewanta Brooks

Book Description

Imagine being the contestant of a new reality television show. You are given 35 students in a classroom built for 20. Half of them are not reading on grade level. Some have very poor hygiene. A few come to class hungry. Some have holes in their clothes. A few have untreated mental and emotional conditions. Only a few have active parental support.
Your task is to make sure that every student passes the state assessment, are on grade-level, and display up to two years of growth. If you fail, you will be publicly shamed and replaced by a more qualified contestant. If you succeed, you will receive a whopping $752.93 a week, which is the national average pay for a first-year teacher.
You did not become an educator to become a television star or wealthy. However, neither did you choose to work in a stressful environment. You became an educator to make a difference in the lives of the children you serve.
What Willy Wonka Taught Me About Parental Involvement is a timely resource for new and experienced teachers. Pop some popcorn, turn on your favorite subscription service, and learn to become a highly effective educator!


Learn How To

– To become the educator you have always wanted to be for your students without sacrificing your health and family time.

– To build better relationships with parents, staff, and students.

– To have more time to teach exciting lessons and spend less time managing behavior.


Uncover in These Pages…

The superstar educator you have the capacity to become. Throw away everything you think you know about being an effective educator. An amazing number of students will benefit when you implement time-tested, effective, and research based strategies that actually work.
You can become the model classroom teacher that students love and parents support.
• Become the model educator on your campus.

• Increase parental involvement.

• Manage your classroom with a firm, fair, and authoritative hand.

• Engage and motivate all of the learners in your classroom.

• Encourage students to care about and actively participate in the “boring” objectives.

• Build proper relationships with your students.

• Increase job satisfaction.

• Reignite your passion for teaching.

• Discover how a good classroom arrangement can manage your students for you.

• Learn how to “perform” during the day so that you can have peace all year long.


The Author

Kewanta Brooks is a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, classroom management and differentiated instruction specialist. She is an author, public speaker, and philanthropist. Kewanta’s new book, What Willy Wonka Taught Me About Parental Involvement: Tips to Become a Highly Effective and Engaging K-12 Educator is written for educators who feel lost, and are looking for applicationbased strategies they can implement right away; and for experienced educators who are looking to receive a refresher course on how to engage this new generation of students.

Kewanta has been coaching, training, and working with educators across the country. She began her K-12 career as a self-contained classroom teacher in Houston, TX. After three short years in the classroom, Kewanta became the Teacher of the Year, a model classroom teacher, and a sought after instructional coach. Kewanta understands what it takes to work with a diverse group of students and help each one outperform the top schools in the district on state assessments.
Kewanta graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY with the intention of becoming a pediatrician. However, she realized that her real passion was to teach.
“The best way for me to serve children is to be an educator. But, after my first two long months in the classroom, I wanted to give up and walk away forever. No amount of theory could prepare me for that shock. I discovered that theory alone could not make me a highly effective teacher. I needed to know what to say, what to do, and how to be. Now, I can reach more students by training other educators to also be highly effective.”
Kewanta speaks to educators, campus leaders, and district leaders at educational conferences all over the country. She also conducts campus and district training in classroom management, differentiated instruction, new teacher training, and Elementary STEM.
Kewanta is also the President of Feed the Mind, Inc, which is a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships and classroom resources to teachers working in under served communities.


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