Classroom Management

Effective Strategies! No Gimmicks!

The techniques taught during this workshop will increase the time educators spend on academics while at the same time empowering their students to take responsibility for their actions and achieve success.  Non-compliant students will learn to self-correct inappropriate behavior.


This workshop is for novice and experienced educators.  This is a full day training for your entire staff.  The strategies addressed in the workshop is great for educators, administrations, and paraprofessionals.  The agenda is as follows.  Each participant will receive a 200+ page resource manual.

  • Foundational Beliefs of Classroom Management
    • Styles of Interaction and the impact on students
      • Authoritarian
      • Permissive
      • Authoritative
    • Conflict is a natural part of social and intellectual development
    • Understanding Conflict — student-student, student-teacher
    • Problem behavior is captivating in nature
    • How to avoid the pitfalls
      • Good discipline/classroom management is only a matter of good timing
    • Behavior can be changed
  • Teaching the Expectation
    • Learn how to teach students expectations and procedures.
    • Give students the tools they need to meet your behavior expectations
    • Receive a “Teaching the Expectation” 20 Day calendar.
  • Classroom Ecology
    • Learn how to let the abiotic elements in your classroom manage the students
    • Learn how to set up your classroom to meet the needs of your students.
  • Unconditional Positive Regard
    • Don’t just be a floating head.
    • Learn how to earn the respect of your students
    • Learn how to reach them outside of academia
    • Contingent vs. Non-contingent interaction with students
  • Maintaining Self Control
    • Learn how to stay off of YouTube in a negative way.
    • Learn how to respond in all types of situations.
    • Learn how to remain calm and respond right
  • Refocus
    • Give the students the responsibility of correcting his/her behavior.
    • Teach the students how to problem solve and correct their own behavior
    • Manage your classroom with compassion
    • Give logical, clear, concise, and proportional consequences

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What Others are Saying

“Our attendance of the seminar was timely. We just completed year three of PBIS implementation but seemed to be floundering in our efforts to cultivate relationships with students and teach expected behaviors. This presentation augmented our knowledge-base in these areas and resulted in a reaffirmation of why we chose teaching as our profession and the importance of retaining the respect for the individual during the learning/discipline process.”

– Karla Tiefenthaler, Superintendent, North Wood School