Differentiated Instruction

Teach and REACH All Learners

Students come into our classrooms with different backgrounds and cultures. Stimulate academic interest and engage ALL students through lessons that are meaningful and relevant. Learn 15 innovative strategies to reach the diverse learners in your classroom.

Benefits of DI for Teachers

  • Teachers are always looking for ways to improve their craft and our Differentiated Instruction workshop does just that by giving strategies that can be modified for all kids and communities – for all grades levels and curriculum.
  • Our Differentiated Instruction workshop is an effective way to reach all students in the classroom, and the stress of meeting the high expectations for all students is alleviated. Educator’s energy can be poured into the students they work with.
  • This Differentiated Instruction workshop brings attention and engagement to each and every lesson. Students are actively involved in the content and excited about the learning they are undertaking

Benefits for Students

  • Students in our Differentiated Instruction classrooms enjoy a number of advantages over those in traditional “one-size fits all” approach settings. Students are able to be active participants in their own learning.
  • The curriculum is no longer pointed to the middle of the group but available and interactive to all students. Those students that found a traditional classroom lesson too “difficult” or “boring” are now excited about their learning.
  • Students receive the content and curriculum in ways that ensure they are engaged. This engagement allows students to connect and learn the content at a deep level of understanding.



Laying Down the Foundation of DI

  • Clarify your understanding of what differentiated instruction is and isn’t.
  • Learn the pillars of differentiated instruction.
  • Assess which components of student engagement and motivation would be most valuable to focus upon.
  • Understand how multiple intelligences and learning modalities impact student engagement.
  • Sir Ken and Divergent Thinking

Component 1: Promoting Positive Feelings

  • Explore ways to bring more of yourself into the classroom
  • Use movement to stimulate positive affect and deepen understanding
  • Learn fun strategies to ask for and respond to student feedback.

Component 2: Promoting Attention and Interest

  • Keep students on their toes with a variety of randomization techniques
  • Capture students’ attention and lead them to deeper levels of understanding through specific questioning techniques.
  • Rediscover storytelling as a way to draw students into learning. An audio-kinesthetic-visual-emotional form of teaching

Component 3: Promoting Connectedness and Relevance

  • Synectic Journey- Guide students to make personal connections to key concepts.
  • Use a fresh approach to visual images to stimulate interest and engagement
  • Encourage input from everyone with brainstorming.
  • Nominal group technique

Component 4: Promoting Self Efficacy

  • Dynamic Tension: Hot Seat – Prepare kids to respond on demand and under pressure.
  • Extempore: Learn safe, fun ways for students to show what they know.

Component 5: Sharing Best Practices

  • Matrix Planning
  • Reach students you’ve never reached before.
  • Facilitate deeper levels of understanding and learning.
  • Be better equipped to recognize and respond to individual needs and interests.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues to enhance your learning and teaching effectiveness.
  • Region 4 Conference Story Telling

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What Others are Saying

“This is one of the best workshops I have ever been to. It has been good, effective, and very motivational. It was fun and I enjoyed it.” – Angela Burden, 3rd Grade Math/Science