Parent Involvement Workshop

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The most accurate predictor of a student’s achievement in school is not income or social status but the extent to which that student’s family is able to:

  • Create a home environment that encourages learning.
  • Express high (but not unrealistic) expectations for their children’s achievement and future careers.
  • Become involved in their children’s education at school and in the community.

For Parents and Educators

This workshop is great for your Fall parent night.  Give your parents some support with this entertaining and informative parent workshop. They will learn how to support their children and build better relationships with teachers. They will learn strategies to extend the learning from the classroom to home…and much more!

This workshop is also excellent for your educators.  Teachers will learn about the 3 classroom management styles and discover which style is the most favorable among parents.  They will learn about the 5 main parent personality styles and how to support each styles.



Benefits for All

  1. Children tend to achieve more, regardless of ethnic or racial background, socioeconomic status, or parents’ education level.
  2. Children have better self-esteem, are more self-disciplined, and show higher aspirations and motivation toward school.
  3. Parents have a better understanding of the teacher’s job and school curriculum.
  4. Parents’ perceptions of the school are improved and there are stronger ties and commitment to the school.
  5. When schools have a high percentage of involved parents in and out of schools, teachers and principals are more likely to experience higher morale.
  6. Teachers and principals acquire a better understanding of families’ cultures and diversity, and they form deeper respect for parents’ abilities and time.

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