WOW Science Educators Worshop

Your science lessons do not have to be boring.  Be an extraordinary Science Educator.  Motivate and engage your students.  Promote a healthy appetite for all things STEM.

We Will Cover

  • Foundation Beliefs of Differentiated Instructions
  • Modes of Learning and Multiple Intelligence
  • Unlock the State Standards
  • Create lesson plans at the appropriate level of blooms.
  • Plan a week/month/year in advance
  • Create projects that extend the learning
  • Manage hands-on activities
  • and Much more

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What Others are Saying

“I turned to my campus athletic coach after your session at TABSE and we had the same exact feeling.  We both actually learned something.   It was probably the best session at the conference.  I knew I had to get you on my campus to coach my Science team.”  – Mr. Brown, Principal at Mexia Junior High School