Teacher Survival Workshop

Help! I didn’t Learn this Stuff in College

Being a classroom teacher is more than managing a students and creating awesome lesson plans.   There is so much more to it than that.  Unfortunately, there are no college courses on how to survive the classroom.  You entered into this professional because you wanted to educate kids and make a difference.  However, the unexpected curve balls being thrown at you is wearing you down.

Don’t Give Up

Our students need passionate educators just like you.  Reignite that passion with simple and easy to implement strategies that will take you from highly frustrated to highly effective.

Learn How to

  • Have an effective parent conference
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Deal with “curve balls”,
  • Plan a week/month/year in advance
  • and much more!

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What Others are Saying

“This is a great strategy to implement in any classroom. It would be great it the entire school would enforce it. The things I learned today are absolutely amazing. I am walking out of this workshop with an open mind; I don’t wonder if these things may work, I am certain they will.” – Jennie Butler, Teacher 1st Grade